Learn computer programming for the Web with one of the friendliest modern languages out there: Dart. Becoming proficient as a coder can be daunting. This video series provides a thorough, gentle introduction, starting from the very beginning, and taking you step-by-step through each concept. No software installation required!

—Monty Rasmussen

About the Series

I created/recreated a series of videos documenting my experiences in learning the Dart Programming language. I start with the assumption of no prior programming experience and move step-by-step into the journey of learning to program. I especially focus on the basic terms, concepts, and definitions, hoping to minimize the pain of learning.

The first videos focus on basic startup, using DartPad, and getting familiar with beginning to code.

The Videos

01: Introduction - A General Overview of Computer Languages

02: Program Structure - Reviewing the Syntax of Dart

03: DartPad - Let's Get Familiar with the DartPad

04: Variables and Typing - Declaring and Initializing Variables with Dynamic Typing

05: Static Typing - Getting the Best Help From the DartPad with Static Types

What Now?

More videos are on the way. In the meantime, you can't go wrong with this book: Dart for Absolute Beginners.

Hint: The book directs you to use Dart Editor, but that environment has since been deprecated. Use DartPad instead!